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What is “Wholistic” Family Law?

Separation and divorce is a trying and difficult time for families. It impacts all aspects of you and your children’s lives. The research shows that it takes individuals 2-10 years to “get-over” the impacts of a divorce. The impacts aren’t just related to conflict, they can be financial, feelings of inadequacy which impacts future relationships, and for children, lack of self-esteem, and impacts that can reach into your children’s future relationships.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn?

Are you in pain and just want to GET IT BEHIND YOU?

  • Did you know that there are four stages of grieving and that decisions made during any of the stages could be the wrong decision for you and your children in the future?

My practice in family law focuses on co-mediation and mediation with support from a “wholistic” family law team including psychologists, social workers, school counsellors, father and mother supports, non-adversarial lawyers, financial planners, budget expertise, as well as communication and relationship professionals, and step parenting support. It is based on the understanding that a separation and divorce is more than the legal processes, there may be times that you need the support of other professionals so that you and your family can “redefine” yourselves and get back to what is important in your life, including “parenting your children”.